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What is ASAP Rakshak?

ASAP Rakshak is a security app, which is a subset of the ASAP ecosystem. This app is useful for managing the Society, like the way security guards are expected to manage the Society. This app helps to manage visitors, domestic and society staff, vehicle tracking, management of unregistered tenants, issue of gate pass.

What is the difference between ASAP and
ASAP Rakshak app?

ASAP is a Society management app for the owners and the tenants. This app allows for the owner / tenant to receive all the communications, payments, manage visitors for the flat. ASAP Rakshak is an app which will be deployed on the mobile phone available with the Security guards. All the communication from the guards will be received by the owners/tenants on their ASAP Web/ Mobile App.

How often do we see server related issues?

The scope for this type of issue is reduced, since every Society’s data is isolated on cloud servers. This helps in mitigating the risks associated with the server related issues significantly.

How does ASAP use Tally?

Tally is run in the back end for the purpose of providing the reports. All the accounting entries made in the system get auto synced on the Tally servers. These servers then periodically provide the data on the ASAP system.

Why does ASAP use
Tally based database for the Accounting?

All auditors use the Tally software for the auditing of the accounting records. Most of the times, the Societies must purchase the Tally Software, which solves only the purpose of accounting. Thus, resulting in extra costs for the Society. ASAP helps to reduce the costs for purchasing the Tally license and allows the Societies to provide the data to their auditors in Tally compactible format to their auditors on few clicks.

How is ASAP helpful to the Society to build the brand?

ASAP believes strongly in providing the Society specific customizations, which may not be available in other portals. Each society is provided with a website bearing the personalized name. This gives a strong branding to the Society.



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