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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Technology helps in easing society/apartment management tasks by organizing them
Technology helps in easing society/apartment management tasks by organizing them

Technology has a transformative impact on governance. Governance and administration involve performance of multiple activities directed at ensuring smooth functioning. More the variables, higher is the necessity to coordinate and organize them on a proper course.

It is estimated that nearly 38% of Indian population lives in urban areas. We are talking of around 45 crore people dwelling in urban houses. Majority of them live in apartments and facilities are shared and administered by chosen representatives of the society complex. On an average, an apartment complex has 50 apartments each. Bigger complexes have apartments in several hundred numbers. Digital solutions like ASAP- Apartment & Society Activity Portal- serves in easing the complex maintenance tasks.

Attending to the needs and requests of such a large number of residents of a complex is a herculean task. The services offered by personnel managing the affairs of the society are more often voluntary in nature and they perform these tasks in their leisure time. Consequently, neither the job is done as per schedule or in an organized manner. Manual upkeep of records and maintenance of documents takes it toll on the quality of output.

The digital disruption that is being seen across diverse fields of life and business is a boon to such scenarios. Technology helps in easing the tasks first by organizing them and then tackling each task to their logical end. With the help of smart apps, the society tasks can be completely organized. ASAP- is the ideal solution for tackling the tasks of a society/complex. Additionally, it was observed that 75% of the communication within the society gets organized and recorded by adopting ASAP portal.

How Digital Solutions Can Help In Society Management?


Every resident must be provided with a monthly maintenance bill. Imagine doing it manually for 500 odd residents, every month on time and ensuring the amounts are collected! No wonder residents of such societies cringe to take up such tasks- a voluntary one without appreciation. Technology can come to the rescue in such humungous workload. A single command, and lo the entire month’s bills are generated and emailed swiftly!


Housekeeping, as it is called, accounting tests the best of brains and patience! Recording receipts, posting expenses, reconciling, and drawing up dues, following up for collections- the bother is too unnerving, to say the least. A centralized digitized accounting system with simple entry modules will ensure to update the accounts and draw up reconciliation in a jiffy. Users of ASAP have confirmed that almost 80% of defaulters cleared their dues when the bills are raised through ASAP.

Complaints management:

Dealing with umpteen requests and complaints and manually following up each one of them to the satisfaction of the complainants is more than a full-time job for the society managers. A digitized solution will ensure to tackle this monstrous load of work with comprehensive view of each complaint and its resolution to its logical end. It is observed that issues reported through ASAP portal were addressed by the service staff on the day of reporting.


On an average a society is required to maintain and file more than a score of monthly/quarterly/annual reports to the government agencies. Digitizing these tasks will lighten the burden of voluntary service providers (society management members). Basic requirements like recording tenant details have been found to be updated by as much as 90% with ASAP.


Providing secured living to the residents of the society is the prime duty of the management. Ensuring that everyone follows security protocols always calls for a heightened vigil. The security personnel must be monitored round the clock for their diligence in duty.

ASAP is the perfect cloud-based activity management portal for Societies and Apartments. ASAP portal allows to manage Resident (owners and tenants) data, Society Accounts, Vendors along with their AMCs, Society tasks, Society related compliance and communications online. ASAP is an ideal solution to help manage the Societies smartly for all the stake holders involved, like Committee members, Owners, Residents, Society Staff and even the guards.

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Siddharth Patil
Siddharth Patil
Dec 14, 2021

Nice informative article

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